Your brand is who you are

After being employed in the hospitality industry stationed at
various FIVE STAR hotels eg.Mount Nelson and Table Bay hotels,
I found a niche market with SERVICE being my key focus.
”Treat others as you want to be treated” 

A brand is an identity
In the year 2000 I decided to establish a corporate identity and the first thing that came to mind was RESPECT, thus our brand is easily associated with Punctuality, Composure and Dignity amongst other distinguishing characteristics.     

Your brand is a promise to the consumer
Our promise to all clients is sacred:

A promise of value, quality, and service
We promise to be punctual,
We offer quality transportation services,
We offer professional attire,
We act above the call of duty,
We have your safety at heart, 
We offer luxury vehicles

What is your product?
V.I.P. chauffeur services
Airport transfers
Various tours
Transport coordinating 
Transport consulting….ETC
What makes it different from the competition?
We operate within the LAW
We lead by example.
Our undisputed track record
Flawless execution separates us from others

What makes it relevant to me and not someone else?
We are highly accredited by key regulatory organizations.

And how will I feel about myself after I use it?
After the long search I finally found home!
BVS Transport Consultants
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